What is Reading from the Left?




Reading from the Left is a non-commercial site that makes available selected socialist  pamphlets and book chapters from a variety of publishers, as free downloads in PDF format.

The site includes pamphlets and book chapters from a variety of publishers, including

  • Climate and Capitalism

  • Fernwood Publishing

  • Kasama Project

  • Monthly Review Press

  • Resistance Books (Australia)

  • Resistance Books (Britain)

  • Socialist Project

  • Socialist Renewal Publishing Project

  • Socialist Voice

  • Workers Action

  • and more to come

We encourage the exchange of ideas across the global left, so the works posted here reflect a variety of views and perspectives within the socialist movement, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Reading from the Left team.

Our limited resources mean that for now we can only post material in English, and that we cannot post links to all of the excellent sources of socialist literature on the web.

By downloading material from this website, you agree to abide by the conditions on our Copyrights page.


Reading from the Left is a project of South Branch Publications. It is edited and maintained by Ian Angus. Your questions, suggestions and comments are always welcome: please address correspondence to:



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