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Pamphlets and books by publisher

Climate and Capitalism

Confronting the Climate Change Crisis: An Ecosocialist Perspective
by Ian Angus.

How to Avoid Action on Climate Change
by Ian Angus.

Fernwood Publishing

Bankruptcies and Bailouts
Wayne Antony and Julie Guard

Creating a Failed State: The U.S. and Canada in Afghanistan
John W. Warnock

The Global fight for Climate Justice
by Ian Angus

If You're in My Way, I'm Walking: The Assault on Working People since 1970
Thom Workman

Kasama Project [See also translations]

Ambush at Keystone No.1: Inside the Coal Miners' Great Gas Protest
by Mike Ely

At a Fork in the Road: A Debriefing on the RCP
by Bill Martin

Avakian’s Assessment of Thomas Jefferson: A Critical Reading
by Pavel Andreyev

Costs of Empire: 'Time-bombs,' Anarchy, Guns and the New Depression
by Eddy Laing

Critiquing Religion Without Understanding It: Avakian’s Away With All Gods!
by Pavel Andreyev

The Historical Failure of Anarchism: Implications for the Future of the Revolutionary Project by Christopher Day

Indian Maoists Speak: On International Controversies Among Communists
by Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Nine Letters To Our Comrades: Getting Beyond Avakian’s New Synthesis
by Mike Ely

On the Maobadi and the Crisis in Nepal
Kasama Articles

Revolution in India: Lalgarh’s Hopeful Spark
by Sam Shell

Shaping the Kasama Project: Contributing to Revolution's Long March
by Enzo Rhyner, J.B. Connors, John Steele, Kobayashi Maru, Mike Ely, Rita Stephan, Rosa Harris

Slipping Into Darkness: ‘Left’ Economism, the CPUSA, and the Trade Union Unity League (1929-1935) by Mike Ely

Two Lines Over Maoist Revolution In Nepal: Five Letters
Communist Party Of Nepal (Maoist) and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Ideas for the Struggle
by Marta Harnecker
(Translated by Federico Fuentes)

Monthly Review Press

The ABCs of the Economic Crisis: What Working People Need to Know Fred Magdoff and Michael D. Yates

The Ecological Revolution
by John Bellamy Foster

Embedded With Organized Labor
by Steve Early

The Mythology of Imperialism
by Jonah Raskin

Resistance Books (Australia)

Abortion: A Woman's Right to Choose
Claudine Holt, Pip Hinman and Lisa Macdonald

Building the Revolutionary Party
by Jim Percy

Can the Working Class Make a Socialist Revolution?
By Ernest Mandel and George Novack.
Publisher: Resistance Books

Change the System, Not the Climate! A Socialist View of Global Warming.
y Dave Holmes, Terry Townsend and John Bellamy Foster

The Collapse of 'Communism' in the USSR
by Doug Lorimer.

Cuba: How the Workers & Peasants Made the Revolution
By Chris Slee.

The Cuban Revolution in the Epoch of Neo-Liberal Globalization
Democratic Socialist Perspective.

How to Make a Revolution & Liberalism, Ultraleftism or Mass Action
by Peter Camejo.

Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism
by V.I. Lenin

An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory
by Ernest Mandel.

The Labour Aristocracy: The Material Basis for Opportunism in the Labour Movement
by Max Elbaum and Robert Seltzer

Meltdown! A Socialist View of the Capitalist Crisis
by Tony Iltis, Lee Sustar, John Bellamy Foster, Phil Hearse, Adam Hanieh, Dave Holmes.

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State
by Frederick Engels. Introduction by Pat Brewer.

The Party: The Socialist Workers Party 1960-1988.
A Political Memoir, Volume 1: The Sixties

by Barry Sheppard

Socialist Project

The Auto Industry: Concretizing Working Class Solidarity (2004)
by Sam Ginden.

The Crisis in Manufacturing Jobs
by Socialist Project Labour Committee

Financial Meltdown: Canada, the Economic Crisis and Political Struggle, by Leo Panitch, David McNally, Adam Hanieh and others

Labour Movement Platform (May 2008)
by Socialist Project Labour Committee.

The Oaxaca Commune: The Other Indigenous Rebellion in Mexico
Richard Roman and Edur Velasco Arregui.

The Path to Human Development: Capitalism or Socialism?
by Michael A. Lebowitz.

Whose Health Care? Challenging the Corporate Struggle to Rule Our System
by Hugh Armstrong and others.

Whose Violence? Imperial State Security and the Global Justice Movement
by Leo Panitch.

Socialist Renewal Publishing Project

Environmentalism as if Winning Mattered: A Civil Society Strategy
by Steve D'Arcy

Post-Capitalist Alternatives: New Perspectives on Economic Democracy
by Michael Albert and Ethan Miller

Socialist Resistance

Cuba at Sea
by Ron Ridenour

Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads
by Ron Ridenour

The Global fight for Climate Justice
by Ian Angus

The Middle East in Flames
by Gilbert Achcar, Alice Gray, John McAnulty, Piers Mostyn, and Roland Rance.

Socialist Voice

Anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Defense of Palestinian Rights
by Suzanne Weiss.

Canada’s Assault on Afghanistan: Behind the Lies and Cover-ups
by Roger Annis & Ian Beeching.

Comintern: Revolutionary Internationalism in Lenin’s Time
by John Riddell.

Cuba in a Time of Transition
by John Riddell, Phil Cournoyer, Fidel Castro, and Duroyan Fertl

The Fight for Indigenous Rights in the Andes Today
by Hugo Blanco.

Food Crisis: World Hunger, Agribusiness and the Food Sovereignty Alternative
by Ian Angus.

For the Land! Roots and Revolutionary Dynamics of Indigenous Struggles in Canada
by Mike Krebs.

From Resistance to Power!
Manifestos of the fight for Indigenous Rights.

Global Warming, Biofuels and World Hunger
by Fidel Castro.

Haiti and the Myth of Canadian Peacekeeping
by Roger Annis.

Marx, Engels, and Darwin
by Ian Angus.

Venezuela Eyewitness
by Suzanne Weiss and John Riddell 

Venezuela and the International Struggle for Socialism
by John Riddell, Roger Annis, Ian Angus and Federico Fuentes

La Vía Campesina: Farmers North and South Confront Agribusiness
by John Riddell and Adriana Paz

Why Washington Hates Iran:
A Political Memoir of the Revolution that Shook the Middle East

by Barry Sheppard

Toronto Bolivia Solidarity

Bolivia Rising
by Judy Rebick, Rosalía Paiva, Juan Valencia, Edgar Torrez, Marcelo Saavedra-Vargas, Raul Burbano

Indigenous Uprising: Bolivia and the Latin American Revolution
by Carlos Torchia, Cecilia Rosalia Paiva, and Raul Burbano

Bolivia's Road to Revolution
by Hugo Salvatierra

Workers Action

The True Nature of a Revolutionary Marxist Party and Its Common Distortions by Ann Roberston and Bill Leumer


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