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Dawn Fraser: Echoes From Labor's War

For those who are interested in reading more by and about Dawn Fraser, we highly recommend Echoes From Laborís Wars: The Expanded Edition, published in 1992 by Breton Books.

It includes the Introduction by Frank & Macgillivray, all of the poems from the 1976 edition, plus additional poems and articles by Fraser, including an autobiographical essay. All this for only $9.95! It can be ordered directly from Breton Books.

Dawn Fraser, whose story is told in the following pages, first published a collection of his poems about the minersí struggles in Cape Breton under the title Echoes From Laborís War, in 1926.

Many years later, David Frank and Donald Macgillivray collected those poems and some others, with explanatory notes written by Fraser in the 1940s, and wrote an extensive introduction on Fraserís life and work. That book, Echoes From Laborís War: Industrial Cape Breton in the 1920s, was published in 1976 by New Hogtown Press. It is no longer in print.

David Frank and Donald Macgillivray have kindly granted the Socialist History Project permission to post their Introduction and their selection of Fraserís poetry on this website.


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