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An Online Archive of Canadian Socialist History and Thought

Over the past 100 years, socialists in Canada and Québec have written a vast amount on the political issues they considered important, but virtually none of those writings are available  today. The experiences, ideas, analyses and insights of a century of socialism are in danger of being forgotten and lost forever.

I launched the Socialist History Project in June 2004 to recover some of that material and make it available on the web.

There are now hundreds of documents on the site, including several complete books, making it the largest collection of Canadian left documents on the Internet.

Unfortunately, other demands on my time have made it impossible for me to continue. I am keeping the site online, but no more documents will be added until further notice.

Thank you for your support. I hope it will one day be possible to resume the project more fully.

Ian Angus
Director, Socialist History Project

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