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About the Socialist History Project

Over the past 100 years, socialists in Canada and Québec have written a vast amount on the political issues they considered important, but virtually none of those writings are available  today. The experiences, ideas, analyses and insights of a century of socialism are in danger of being forgotten and lost forever.

The Socialist History Project, launched in June 2004 by Ian Angus, aimed to recover that material and make it available on the web.

We aimed to publish three types of material. First, statements, reports and articles on key political issues and trends, written by revolutionary socialists over the past century. Second, essays by historians about the revolutionary left. And third, reminiscences and memoirs by participants in the socialist movement. This material is important not just to historians and archivists, but to the new generation of radicalizing youth.

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Many people have helped to make the Socialist History Project a success by helping us to find sources, contributing materials, scanning documents, proofreading, publicizing the website, making suggestions, and in many other ways.

Special thanks to:

  • Roger Annis
  • John Ayers
  • Abbie Bakan
  • John Bell
  • Andy Blunden
  • Adam Buick
  • Peter Campbell
  • John Darling
  • Richard Fidler
  • Larry Gambone
  • Ken Hiebert
  • Paul Kellogg
  • Ian McKay
  • Bryan D. Palmer
  • John Riddell
  • Barry Weisleder
  • Jeff White

And to these publications and Internet resources:

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