Author: Ron Ridenour
Publisher: Resistance Books (England)
978 0906378021
Publication Date: 2008
Trade Paperback
112 pages

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Cuba at Sea
by Ron Ridenour

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This book gives a unique view of the Cuban revolution: from the ocean, where Ridenour worked with Cuba's merchant navy.

The only foreign writer to portray things Cuban as a volunteer merchant marine, Ron Ridenour sailed six months on five Cuban ships around the island nation delivering petroleum, and to and from Europe with container goods, to tell Cuban sailors' views of their society and the world.

In what other socialist book can you follow the crew through a gale, catching a giant shark, struggling with a life boat gone amuck, night life ashore...?

Thanks to photographs by Ron and his colleagues, the 108 pages of this book (plus four blank pages for notes) are enlivened with 17 beautiful images. The images are made more powerful by the large, Crown Octavo, page sizes (twice the page size of a popular paperback). 

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