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The ABCs of the Economic Crisis: What Working People Need to Know (Fred Magdoff and Michael D. Yates)

Bankruptcies and Bailouts (Wayne Antony and Julie Guard)

Building the Revolutionary Party (Selected Writings of Jim Percy, 1980-1987)

The Challenge and Burden of Historical Time (István Mészáros)

The Communist International in Lenin's Time (John Riddell)

Creating a Failed State: The U.S. and Canada in Afghanistan (John W. Warnock)

Cuba at Sea (Ron Ridenour)

Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads (Ron Ridenour)

The Ecological Revolution (John Bellamy Foster)

Embedded With Organized Labor (Steve Early)

The Global fight for Climate Justice (Ian Angus)

If You're in My Way, I'm Walking: The Assault on Working People since 1970
(Thom Workman)

Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism (V.I.Lenin)

The Mythology of Imperialism (Jonah Raskin)

The Party: The Socialist Workers Party 1960-1988. A Political Memoir, Volume 1: The Sixties (Barry Sheppard)

More to come ...


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