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She Never Was Afraid
The Biography of Annie Buller, by Louise Watson

She Never Was Afraid: The Biography of Annie Buller was published in 1976 by Progress Books, Toronto. The back cover featured this brief profile of the author:

Born in Toronto's Beach District, Louise Watson lived there and went to Kimberly Street and Norway Schools. She later graduated from Huntsville High School.

The acute distress of the Great Depression of the Thirties, and the desperate plight of the unemployed during that period prompted her to look for solutions from left-wing publications. It was in 1947 that she first met Annie Buller. It was her love and admiration for this outstanding woman which prompted her to put together this chronicle of Annie Buller's life.

People who knew Louise Watson tell us that she died some years ago, but we have been unable to confirm that. The Socialist History Project would be very pleased to receive more information about her life.

Those heroic pioneer women
who gave so much of their life to build
the Canadian labour movement and
the Communist Party of Canada.



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